Book Tree 2016

I love doing a book tree in the library! I feel like it’s the perfect way to express the upcoming holidays in a library. Of course, we try to use old beautiful books that most people wouldn’t want to check out right away. I also like it because it’s something fun and creative for the students to work on.

Here’s a little video I did with PhotoGrid. I hope you like it and Happy Holidays!


Hello world!

So, I was approached by The Sports Opinion Locker admin to contribute to their page. You have to start your own blog and I thought- why not? I had been meaning to blog for a while. In fact, I have a brief attempt through blogspot. But, I didn’t maintain it.

Now that I have a dedicated purpose on wordpress, it will also keep on the straight yet curvy mission on my own personal blog here.

Feel free to hit me up to chat (within reason) and to share links of your own work or blogs I’d be interested in following.

Be well!