Truly Outrageous … (no actually outrageous as according to Webster definition 1)

Sums up my thoughts perfectly.

Robot Unicorn Adventure

Jem is a live-action movie, but it’s more accurate to call it a live-action Hanna Montana. I (like the mass majority of 80’s babies who are familiar with the artistry that is Jem) are not just disgusted but disenfranchised.  I spent several days ranting on twitter and facebook about my disappointment (and irrational rage), but why?  Why such rage?

The rage doesn’t just stem from the inability to direct anger from the aging process at any tangible target, but instead from seeing a strong, fierce character turned into a … disney tv show heroine.  OG Jem was an amazing woman (notice that is WOMAN not girl), a business mogul, a philathrapist to highest degree, and dealing with identity issues that are relevant as the country wakes up to the concept that gender, sexual attraction, and identity are sometime fluid and thus open to redefinition.  Not to mention, there was a…

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2015 Stanley Cup Finals – Go Blackhawks!

Cute yet loyal nails. A woman to be admired indeed. #hockey #blackhawks #stanleycup


This week I took a suggestion from a customer for my nails. I was actually surprised I didn’t think of it first… Chicago Blackhawks! It’s pretty obvious that my NHL loyalty lies with them and what better way to support and cheer them on through the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals than with some red white and black.

Overall this is an easy design to accomplish too. After applying the red and white base color I added the stripe detail using white acrylic paint and a small paintbrush. I’ve come to realize that using paint for detail work vs polish is easier to control and gets closer to the outcome I am aiming for. Since the paint dries fairly quickly I was able to almost immediately after the second coat of white.

The ring finger is easier than you’re thinking too. No I didn’t paint that on, it’s a decal! It’s…

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Malkin or Crosby?

I think Geno’s been out for while in most hockey circles. Getting the right deal done is key here for both Malkin and the Penguins.

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The Chicago Blackhawks, a team, three wins away from winning their 3rd Stanley Cup in 6 years. In this salary cap era, it was said dynasties would be a thing of the past. Yet here we sit and watch two of the most dynamic and skilled hockey players in the world, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, proving the NHL and its critics wrong. I can’t help but compare this Hawks team to the what was supposed to be Pittsburgh Penguins.

Having world class talent themselves in Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby, how is it that this dynamic duo or shall I say dying duo, lay claim to only one single Stanley Cup? The obvious conclusion is that teams have found ways to shutdown at least one of or both of the big two in Pittsburgh. Both Malkin and Crosby have glaring deficiencies surrounding their games. Malkin each season can go on pointless droughts that…

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Hello world!

So, I was approached by The Sports Opinion Locker admin to contribute to their page. You have to start your own blog and I thought- why not? I had been meaning to blog for a while. In fact, I have a brief attempt through blogspot. But, I didn’t maintain it.

Now that I have a dedicated purpose on wordpress, it will also keep on the straight yet curvy mission on my own personal blog here.

Feel free to hit me up to chat (within reason) and to share links of your own work or blogs I’d be interested in following.

Be well!